The populations I serve,

and my specialization sweet spots, are:

Writers & Artists
Showrunner/EP Support

Relationship Difficulties
Coming Out

Sex & Sexuality

12-Step Support

psychotherapy for individuals + couples

How I work

As I searched for a theoretical orientation that fit my personal values, I examined theory positions on concepts like the therapeutic relationship, fundamental beliefs about human nature, goals of therapy, and how to achieve therapeutic goals. Although I have been drawn to Psychodynamic, Adlerian and Family Systems theories, I have found Cognitive, Postmodernism and the existentially based Gestalt therapy to be the most complete fit.

I am constantly mindful of the effects that society, culture, family, politics, and gender have on us and, by incorporating my personal beliefs with postmodern concepts, I have had the opportunity to integrate myself - the parts that are socially, politically and culturally aware - into my identity as a therapist. Existential theories, like Gestalt, resonate with me because I believe in personal responsibility, accountability and that we are free to choose. I have a deep philosophical belief that we can create our own realities by increased awareness of the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, and the choices we make.

I view each client - not myself - as the expert on his or her or their life. My role is that of an avid listener and ally, guiding clients toward discoveries about their own experiences and the origins of their individual beliefs. We work in partnership and hope that by shared effort we can discover ways of meeting their respective goals. I value the therapeutic relationship and strive to establish a collaborative environment, free of labels, blame, and shame, wherein boundaries are respected and clients are ultimately empowered to change.

Adele House, MA, MFT


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Current fee for a 50-minute session is $200.

I am not a provider for any insurance agencies

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